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Embedded Security - become a very important and hot topic today. How about you? Are you ready for a new challenges?

Today here and there people discussing importance of overall product security. More and more electronic devices become connected with each other through a public networks. IoT brings this new trend in our life. Apart of IoT there are plenty of other devices which supports connectivity but may have no access to public networks. All of them anyhow can be accessed by potential attackers who might want to still your private information or data which might be sensitive to you. Moreover they could change behaviour of your device in such way that at least bring you a lot of problems and even might be dangerous for your life (health care devices for example).

There two aspects of embedded security: SW and HW. What is important to understand, is that they are both could not be developed without taking into account specificities of each other. Otherwise overall security will become Inefficient. To better understand influence of SW security and possible weakness in its implementation designer and developer must closely work with HW developer and be able to analyse HW behaviour when it is driven by his SW. Usually this kind of equipment cost a lot (thousands kilo $) and only big companies can have it at their RnD department. But things are changing and people start to think about that more and more. One of a good example I found recently on www.kickstarter.com is ChipWhisperer.

ChipWhisperer and target board

"The objective of ChipWhisperer is nothing short of revolutionizing the entire embedded security industry. Every designer who uses encryption in their design should be able to perform a side-channel attack, and understand the ramifications of these attacks on their designs."

Here are some videos about subj:

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